The King Entertains the Philippine Transport Cooperatives

DECEMBER 26, 2023 – Manila Philippines - Pick your fave classic, hit play, and let the sound marathon magic unfold as concert halls around the Capital Metropolis are vying for a seat to watch the King of the Philippine Ballad...  But this season belongs to the Transport Cooperative.  Polistico gave a private show to its Leaders and welcomed them with  songs that glided like history repeating itself, reminiscing Muhammad Ali"s unforgettable  "Thrilla in Manila'

The King Entertains the Philippine Transport Cooperatives
Jun Polistico, KIng of the Philippine Ballad.

 During the Party, Beulah’s Director Carlos de Castro introduced his awaited “Gee” with “Finally, VIM has exited the Bureau of Customs”, “exhausted from long travel, and needed a recharge like RebBull that powers every driver” exclaimed Carlos de Castro.  It was cheered with a big toss that reverberated across the celebration hall, Atty Martha Rosette described.


Ecotranzits VIM while exiting the Bureau of Customs, December 23, 2023

The Directors of Beulah have evolved in different dimensions this 2023 said Nadia Arroyo,President of Beulah, who sent her well wishes all the way from Las Vegas from high-end residential development to Electric vehicles for 2023-24 and beyond.  Beulah International Development while focused on high-end residences to the introduction of affordable housing for the cooperatives, is no exception in the offering of high-end and one-of-a-kind materials, Carlos de Castro said.  It is always regarded as a blend of strokes as uniqueness matters, he quipped.

 Beulah Team, Atty Martha Rosete Law Firm and Leaders of Philippine Transport Cooperatives. 1. Arcadio Inso- Foundr/ Frmer Chairman & Current GM of Lungsod Silangan Coop; 2. Totoy Rabe - GM of Eastern Survivor Transport Servc Coop ; 3. Jun A. Bioco -GM-EV Transport  of Beulah; 4. Ramil Albano - BOD of National Federation of Transport Coops and Founder and Chairman of PAMAJOD Service Transport & MPCoop.; 5. Ramil Padrigo - Chairman of Cubao Rosario Sta. Lucia Transport Servc Coop[CURODA]; 6. Aldwin Dometita-Admin Mgr of Goudi Arquitectos; 7. Archt Carlos de Castro- GM for Transport Housing Project and Dir of Beulah; 8. Mike Reyes - Founder and Chairman of Eastern Survivor Transport Service Coop.

VIM which is the name of the ebus is now being inspected and recharged by our electric engineering team ahead of presentation to the Cooperatives. The linkspan is in full maintenance with a detailed assessment of its condition, said Jun Bioco, Beulah’s General Manager for EVs

The celebration marks another milestone in our community offering to build long-term participation of the Cooperatives with a positive profile.