Beulah Signs Historic Agreement with Qatar's Ecotranzit

November 21, 2023 - Manila Philippines – Ecotranzit concluded the signing of historic contract agreement with Beulah Development Corporation to complete homogenization with the Traport Cooperative for distributions nationwide. The Electric Vehicle mobility is in response to the growing demand that has been the Philippines’ focus for 2023 and beyond.

Beulah Signs Historic Agreement with  Qatar's Ecotranzit
Historic signing of the ebuses for Philippine Cooperatives at the Hyatt Regency. Far left was Saad Doukali, founder and Board member of Ecotranzit, and Nadia Arroyo President of Beulah (far right). Witnessed by Noubikko, Financial Director of Beulah, Depen Inasu, and Jun Bioco

According to Jun Biuco, Chief Operations Officer for Beulah, by 2030, 80% of passenger cars in the Philippines  will be powered electrically, and, by 2040, almost all cars are already powered by electric cars.  Transport experts predict that over the next decade, users of car-sharing systems may increase several times to over a million people, and vehicle fleets to over four times, compared to today’s thousands, Nadia Arroyo agreed, President of Beulah.

The Ecotranzit facility assembly line in China, Morroco, and Kazakstan are gearing up for the upcoming purchase orders. EcoTranzit and Beula are also positioned to capture a greater share of the fast-growing market with the ability to quickly ramp up assembly as needed.
In 2024, Ecotranzit expects to commence distribution of other models that will incorporate advanced engineering and battery proprietary technology from modular and future-forward styling as well as telematics and performance data.

Transport Cooperative together with Beulah is constantly solving the complexity of fleet management by bringing together high-performance program applications. Ecotranzit features an internet-connected telemetry device that collects data between e-buses and customers to improve on-demand availability, visibility, and maintenance. Customers can use a portal to remotely adjust their customer settings before riding and even view reports on the driver’s performance when the ride is complete.