Beulah Unveils EcoTranzit in the Philippines

November 27, 2023 – Manila, Philippines – Whether you are still thinking or planning to buy an EV or simply wondering how to own one or you just need to know more about Ecotranzit... just wait, you've got the answer because Beulah just unveiled Ecotranzit, Qatars first EV car.

Beulah Unveils EcoTranzit in the Philippines

EcoTranzit's C2 and C3 ebuses will initially launch in the Philippines in early 2024.  "Drivers in vogue will definitely rage for these vehicles. "It is a velvet marriage between style and modern safety", Jun Bioco, Beulah’s General Manager for Transport said. It's worth all the wait, for sure, he added.

With a view to modern commercialization,  Noubikko, Director of Beulah is already in discussion with major players from across the industry platform for ways to cooperate for a full swing for  eBuses. We plan to saturate the streets with EcoTranzit and, as projected with the Transport Cooperative by 2040 almost all ebuses in the Philippines are already powered by electric cars. 

Saan Doukali, Founder and Board Member of Ecotranzit shakes hand with Beulah President Nadia Arroyo during the contract signing.  Witnessed by  Dipin Inasu (middle).

Transport experts predict that over the next decade, users of car-sharing systems may increase several times, and vehicle fleets to over four times, compared to today’s thousands.  This initiative contributes to the overall development of the community, Nadia Arroyo said, President of Beulah.

The EV Business is a push program of the Philippine Govt that is based on the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP), the flagship program of the Philippines Department of Transportation.  It’s a bold approach to modernizing the aging public transport system to provide a safe and daily systematic service. The total of units that need replacement is approximately 220,000 units.

Beulah is guided by the principles of environmental preservation through the sustainable program to create a continuing cycle to further stir public awareness about environmental preservation in support of the multi-sector campaign against Global Warming. Beulah is also working on its interest in Carbon Credit.

Recently, Beulah introduced its affordable housing designed by Carlos de Castro, famed for his Okada, Solaire, and Raffles interiors.  An affordable housing for the cooperatives that do not look affordable from any angle from its solar-powered roofs from Copenhagen to non-slip tiles, organic paints, and Canadian-made prefab materials… an offering of ownership, and an equitable way to find incentive programs in the banks, said Beulah President Nadia Arroyo.  Nadia Arroyo is a real estate expert and a resident of Las Vegas.

Carlos de Castro signs the Dream House affordable housing for the Transport Cooperatives