Ryan Gosling & Emily Blunt’s On-Screen Reunion in “The Fall Guy”

Get ready for 'The Fall Guy' with Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, a high-octane homage to Hollywood's unsung heroes, coming to Philippine cinemas!

Ryan Gosling & Emily Blunt’s On-Screen Reunion in “The Fall Guy”

Lights, Camera, Action! Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt Tackle Stunts in The Fall Guy

Hollywood’s glitz often overshadows the gritty, heart-thumping world of stunt performance—until now. “The Fall Guy,” featuring the dynamic duo of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, is ready to catapult audiences into the adrenaline-pumping reality of movie magic’s unsung warriors.

Behind the Scenes Becomes Center Stage

Director David Leitch, the mastermind behind hits like “Deadpool 2” and “Atomic Blonde,” shifts the spotlight onto the action artisans in this homage to Hollywood’s daredevils. In a fusion of humor and heart-pounding stunts, Leitch crafts a narrative that’s both a nod to the ’80s hit show and a contemporary tale of on-screen and off-screen antics.

Plot Twist: From Reel to Real Action

Gosling’s character, Colt, embodies the quintessential Hollywood stuntman, dedicating his career to elevating star Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) to blockbuster glory. Yet, when Ryder vanishes, Colt’s cinematic chops are put to the ultimate test. Enter Emily Blunt as Jody Moreno, the director with a vision and Colt’s former flame. The real action begins as Colt leaps from on-set stunts to an off-screen mission, rekindling old sparks amidst the mayhem.

Gosling and Blunt: A Duo to Watch

This isn’t just about the thrills. Gosling and Blunt reignite their on-screen chemistry, proving that amidst the backlot chaos, romance can still steal the show. As Colt and Jody navigate the perilous journey to find Tom, their past adds depth to every chase, every leap, every narrow escape.

A Director with True Grit

Leitch’s unique expertise as a former stunt performer brings authenticity to every frame. With an impressive résumé featuring “Fight Club,” “Daredevil,” and the “Matrix” series, Leitch is no stranger to crafting breathtaking cinema. His insight into the world of stunts ensures that “The Fall Guy” is as much an ode to the craft as it is a cinematic spectacle.

Ryan Gosling’s Stunt Stand

At CinemaCon, Gosling shared insights into the movie’s core message: “In most films, the actors get all the credit, but the stunt performers do all the work, and that ends today”.

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Don’t miss the explosive tandem of Gosling and Blunt in The Fall Guy, crashing into Philippine cinemas on February 28, 2024. Keep up with all the backflips and plot twists by following Universal Pictures Ph on their Facebook page.

Remember, when the lights dim in the theater come 2024, it’s not just a movie you’ll be watching—it’s a high-flying tribute to the shadows of cinema who make superheroes out of actors. And who better to lead the charge than Hollywood’s own Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt? Get ready to be wowed!

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