Nadia Arroyo - Her Legacy Behind the Curtain of Wisdom Prowess

Nadia Arroyo -  Her Legacy Behind the Curtain of Wisdom Prowess
Nadia Arroyo is the publisher of The Philippine Times of Southern Nevada which has evolved into a symbol of wisdom, perseverance, and unity.

Excerpts from Marylaine Louise L. Viernes y J.E.



April 5, 2023 -  Las Vegas, Nevada - Nadia,  in Arabic origin, means, “Beginning” or “Foremost,”.  Nadia Arroyo is the publisher of The Philippine Times  which has evolved into a symbol of wisdom, perseverance, and unity.  It is a media maven that continues to reign supreme in the Asian sphere for two decades, founded in 2013, and is available in various multimedia channels including digital ( reaching a boundless market, to the inevitability of change. 


While Nadia continues as a community leader, she lovingly recalls how her parents have contributed to her strong foundation as Nadia Arroyo of today. Born and raised in the Philippines, his father is also a publicist. Nadia, a graduate of Saint Paul’s College with Banking and Finance pursued advertising.


Nadia initiated by several big accounts such as Del Monte Philippines, PIMECO, and Jag Hager Corporation Philippines to name a few.  Nadia dabbling in event planning for big companies, supplier for conventions and trade shows with booths, various exhibits, and live productions, Las Vegas style.


In 1983, Nadia came to Los Angeles, California to see opportunities and finally emigrated. work and brought the entire family.  She worked for California Examiner and found Las Vegas as home.   “God enabled me to establish the Philippine Times thanks to the two: First would be my brother, Felix “Dodi” Sales” who even relocated to Las Vegas with his entire family to support me.” Dodi is the eldest in their family and always watched out for Nadia who was the youngest in the family. And, Dodi became the circulation manager and Ms. Leonie Frisbee, her sales manager, Las Vegas is now the largest Asian community in Nevada. And, Nevada is Home to the fourth largest Filipino American population, tailing the States of California, Texas, and Hawaii by a fraction. 


Nadia values the contributions of many contributing writers, Sister Olive Manalo Karagdag, Dr. Cesar Candari, and Bro. Rex Abrera and contributing photographer, Victoria Tambunting, talented columnists - Salve Vargas-Edelman, Julie Ann Torremoro, Sheela Kunishige, and Marylaine Viernes who are  my chief online content curator,  community news, and biographer. Jay-R Monton Tolentino and Vic Perez - marketing and business development, husband and wife tandem - Pastor Levi and Pastora Rowena Baniaga, among many including Narz Dela Rosa - graphic designer; Norm Clark - overall layout manager, and the inspiration of them is the Puerto Rican husband, Damian, who serves as Administrator and daughter, Leizel Trinidad Jacobsen, the editor-in-chief, a real estate broker and founder of Arroyo Properties. She attributes success to glorifying God. She values her friendship with Pastor Michael Hatch who has been her spiritual mentor, 

Nadia makes it a point to always acknowledge the contributions of those close to her, and honor them.  Its a trait she loves and comes naturally, she said.  Nadia also prides on people who do their ministry with God like Greg Sales,  Greg and his wife, Myra Sales remain active in their ministry in the Philippines, Loved Flock Catholic Ministry.


Nadia’s intention supersedes her nobleness and righteousness. So, she is once again blessed doing excellent with Platinum Care Nevada, Inc. as Advocate Wellness Nevada  Naida is the President of Beulalh International  Corporation, a project development company based in Vegas that maintains an independent office in Manila, Philippines with some of the highest calibers in the industry.  She. surrounds herself with people who lead her closer to God and are key to her longevity and success. 



Nadia would point to her kids and now, her grandkids her greatest achievements. Her eldest, Leizel Trinidad Jacobsen with Her loving husband, Jason Jacobsen, who is also in the medical field. Her second child and eldest son, Juancho Trinidad  whois a Nurse Practitioner with his wife, Helen Trinidad, a registered nurse. Her third child, Heidel Trinidad who is also a Registered Respiratory Therapist and the Director of Kaiser Respiratory, is husband to his wife, Dimple Trinidad. Her fourth child, Altan Trinidad is a businessman who assists his wife, Sally, a pharmacist and operates a pharmacy. And, Nadia's youngest child, and second daughter, Zen Trinidad-Hyunh  who is in the health field and wife to a police officer with the LVMPD, John Hyunh. Nadia has ten grandkids: Trend, Alyssa aka Zsa-Zsa, Althya, Zya, Kaila, Gavin, Noah, Aviana, Jacob, and Adelyn.  She has a big awesome family with a huge number of children around her who helps care for her grand pets: Shifu and Lulu, the pets of her youngest daughter, Zen and her husband John, and also Bella, an adorable, precocious Yorkee, the pet of her youngest son, Altan and his wife, Sally.   All of the above makes Nadia's world its own paradise.


Nadia Arroyo is an exemplary woman.  She is the pride of the Filipino-American community.  Behind Nadia Arroyo's legacy is a curtain of wisdom process. She is a gift that keeps on giving and a woman of compassion infused with the spirit of excellence and humility, according to Noubikko